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Pledge to Climate Neutral Now
Photo by Loïc Lagarde

Join our Climate Neutral Community of Companies

The historic Paris Climate Change Agreement, clinched in 2015, puts the global community on an irreversible path towards a low-carbon future. The central goal of the Paris Agreement is to limit global warming to well below 2°C and as close to 1.5°C as possible to prevent dangerous tipping points in the climate system.

For this to happen, global emissions must peak soon and be driven down drastically thereafter. A balance, known as “climate neutrality” (sometimes referred to as “carbon neutrality”), must then be achieved in the second half of this century between global emissions and removals through absorption by healthy, natural ecosystems or through other human-managed means. To achieve this, companies, governments, and individuals must work together and everybody must contribute. 

For companies, taking climate action makes simple economic sense. Threatened by supply chain disruption, extreme weather events and rising resource costs, forward-thinking businesses support bold climate action. And by greening their operations, these companies are creating jobs and becoming more competitive.

“Microsoft is committed to making our operations carbon neutral: to achieve net zero emissions for our data centers, software development labs, offices, manufacturing plants, and employee business air travel in over 60 countries around the world. We reach our carbon neutral commitment by driving accountability through our internal carbon fee model that charges our business groups for their Greenhouse Gas emissions associated with their energy consumption. Beyond our own operations, we see a significant opportunity to accelerate the development of renewable energy and support carbon offsetting and sustainable community development, particularly in emerging nations. By investing in community projects, we are contributing to low-carbon sustainable economic development.”


Tamara “TJ” DiCaprio, Sr. Director, Environmental Sustainability, Microsoft Corporation

The United Nations Climate Change secretariat invites companies of all sizes to take the Climate Neutral Now Pledge. The pledge represents a growing movement of companies and governments taking the lead on reducing emissions and accelerating the global journey to a climate-neutral future.

Companies that take the pledge commit to:

  1.  Measure and report their greenhouse gas emissions for an agreed-upon period of time
  2.  Reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible
  3.  Offset remaining emissions with UN Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).

For more information on the pledge, read this outline document​.
Download, 305 KB 

Is your organization ready to take the pledge and contribute to a climate
-neutral future?
Download, 254 KB​

If you know what your unavoidable footprint is, you can compensate for the emissions you cannot reduce right now on your own. Choose from certified emission reductions from a wide range of worthwhile projects - from wind power projects to more efficient bus transit systems, to projects that replace harmful cookstoves with healthy, clean burning stoves.
Buy United Nations certified offsets

Do you have questions about taking the Pledge? Contact us​.​​​​​​